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【Urban Talks Series – Rediscover Causeway Bay】in Lee Gardens

Friday, 2023/05/26
Lee Gardens Urban Talks Series【Rediscover Causeway Bay】– Episode Two “Rediscover Causeway Bay” Friday night programme comes to the second episode, hosted by Sampson Wong, the author of 《Hong Kong: A Guide to City Strolling》. Episode Two will start with a one-hour night stroll led by Sampson to explore Causeway Bay at every turn, followed by a dialogue at the bookstore “Word by Word Collective” – the brainchild of Michael Lui Ka-Chun – which has been open for half a year. Hiuman Lam, the founder of “Hong Kong Reminiscence,” will join the dialogue as a special guest and share her stories about some time-honored names and foods in Causeway Bay while enjoying authentic local bites with all participants. Episode Two: Night Stroll & Bookstore Dialogue in Causeway Bay Date: May 26 (Friday) Time: 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Location: Lee Gardens Area, Causeway Bay & Word by Word Collective Bookstore Meeting place: Hysan Place, Causeway Bay (Kai Chiu Road entrance) Guests: Sampson Wong, author of 《Hong Kong: A Guide to City Strolling》, Michael Lui Ka-Chun, publisher of “Word by Word Collective” bookstore, and Hiuman Lam, founder of “Hong Kong Reminiscence”
  • Date: 2023/05/26
  • Time: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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