About Us

Welcome to THE Lee Gardens Area

where Causeway Bay comes to life!

Framed by Hennessy Road to the north and Leighton Road to the south, the Lee Gardens area in the heart of Causeway Bay is your ideal destination. It offers an ever-growing array of fine restaurants, fashion, lifestyle stores and more, in one of Hong Kong’s liveliest shopping destinations.
The Lee Gardens Association
The businesses of Lee Gardens are fulfilling our vision of creating fresh excitement and curating an evermore vibrant community.
The Heritage
Some 100 years ago, Lee Hysan developed the Lee Garden Amusement Park, sowing deep roots in Causeway Bay and putting the area on the path to becoming one of the world’s busiest retail and commercial hubs.
The Community
It’s a diverse and inspiring community that brings together traditional shops, restaurants and high fashion concept stores with atmospheric, quirky boutiques, all celebrated with cultural programmes from street carnivals and artistic performances.
The Lifestyle
Meet a unique and inspiring space, where fun, fashion, food, art and culture come together in an area that’s equally good for working and living.
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