Lee Gardens Association (LGA) Membership Application Form 利園協會會員申請表

  • Please complete the application and submit to Lee Gardens Association Limited with the supporting documents.
  • 請填寫本申請表並連同所需的文件一同提交給利園協會

Company Profile 公司簡介

Contact Details 聯絡資料

Owner/Directors 公司擁有者/董事成員

Representative/Main Contact Person 公司代表/主要聯絡人

Important Notes for LGA Membership 申請成為利園協會會員須知:

Required Documents 申請所需文件

Please submit your application form along with the "Copy of Business Registration Certificate" and "Logo file" via online submission: 請閣下提交申請表、商業登記證副本及商店品牌商標

You can submit the Copy of Business Registration and Brand Logo file by the below method:
Lee Gardens Association will process with the applications and contact the successful applicants by email.
For enquiries, please email contact Lee Gardens Association