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【Chun Chai】Skateboarder’s persistence in breaking the stereotype

Lee Gardens Skateboard Fest 2022 will bring together many skateboarders including Hong Kong’s own professional skateboarder Luk Chun-yin (Chun Chai). Having participated in last year’s festival, Chun Chai was so impressed with the atmosphere that he wanted to experience it again. “Last year, the Fest followed the Tokyo Olympics. The skateboarding craze was gaining momentum in Hong Kong, so when the event was held at Pak Sha Road in Causeway Bay it was well attended and the atmosphere was electrifying!”

For skateboarders, the vibe and the applause from passers-by was something quite different when compared to the old skateboarding days in Hong Kong. Chun Chai said, “In the past, we used to practice on the streets because we didn’t have proper lessons. So it was easy for people to think we were ‘bad kids’. The Olympic Games really changed this perception. Street culture was slow to develop in Asia, but the Gold Medal won by a Japanese skateboarder in the Games really changed the minds of many parents and inspired many young people.”

Chun Chai’s journey to becoming a skateboarder was simple. “I was first invited by my classmates to go skateboarding just by chance. I skated around slowly while holding onto a wall, but the feeling was great and I got hooked!” Chun Chai believes that although it is easy to fall, the most important thing is to be bold and persistent, “Falling down brings pain and frustration, but as long as you see it as motivation, you will improve. It’s better when you have a friend to practise with because you can encourage and support each other.” When asked how his mentality has changed since he became a professional skateboarder, Chun Chai said that he has gained a sense of responsibility, “When I became professional, I felt a sense of duty. I love this sport, so I want to do my best to promote it. I want to deliver results to the public. A professional athlete must take on more responsibility than if it were purely for fun.”

For this year’s festival, Chun Chai said participants should relax and enjoy the atmosphere. In the past, the crowd probably wanted to see skateboarders fall. Now whether you succeed or not, the crowd will give you a high-five and lots of applause,” he said. Chun Chai hopes that more people will attend the festival to make it an even more popular event. “I hope this will become an annual event in Hong Kong because it’s a rare opportunity to perform in the city centre.”

【Lee Gardens Skateboard Fest 2022 】
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