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【Yiu Fung】60-year-old brand blends old and new to attract a new generation of customers

Many established local brands want to “live forever” and are constantly rejuvenating their image. Yiu Fung is a much-loved local confectionary shop that has been around for more than half a century. The brand proactively engages with each new generation of consumers and recently, showed a new image at the “LOOK UP & BEYOND: Summer Market”.

When we first spoke to Tiff, the operation manager of Yiu Fung, about our desire to offer exclusive products for our Summer Market, he was very supportive and told us, “We selected traditional sweet plum and dried peach and presented these in a special edition pack to appeal to the younger generation. We also teamed up with local brand TEEMTONEfai to introduce three new ice-creams containing our products such as hawthorn and orange peel to attract people of different age groups.”
Rejuvenating the image of a brand that has been around for over 60 years is not an easy task. “We have been selling traditional local confectionary for years, so we can’t change our product offerings too much,” Tiff explained. ”Instead, we decided to collaborate with other brands. By drawing on their expertise and strengths, we created new joint products.” Tiff is most appreciative of having met a group of local branding professionals. In fact, plans are underway to launch more crossover goods shortly.
The interview took place at the old shop in Causeway Bay. When asked if this heritage shop would take on a new look because of the brand’s recent repositioning, Tiff smiled and said, “This old shop contains a lot of nostalgic items. Those who visit us here are often older regular customers. I hope they still feel a sense of homecoming every time they visit us.” For a historical brand to sustain itself, it’s important to maintain its original spirit, but be ready to embrace new things. Only in this way, can there be more possibilities for the brand to flourish.

Yiu Fung Store
Address: G/F, 3 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay

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